Daylight Saving Time Tips for Kids

 Top 3 Tips for Daylight Saving 

Daylight Savings is this Sunday!! 'Spring' your family forward with ease using these tips:

  1. Tuesday: Prepare your little ones by explaining what daylight saving is and why we have it; put them to bed 15 minutes earlier than usual.
  2. Wednesday/Thursday: Prepare your little ones by explaining what daylight saving is and why we have it; put them to bed 25 minutes earlier than usual.
  3. Friday/Saturday: Remind your little ones of Daylight Saving Time, getting them excited to spring forward as we see the snow melt; put them to bed 30-45 minutes early.

Depending on the ages of your children and nightly events, you can begin the transition sooner or later in the week as you see appropriate. Make sure your children have enough healthy food to help their bodies through the transition, and apart from an earlier bedtime, ensure that their bedtime routine remains the same.

To help get them excited and ready for an early morning, prepare a special Spring related breakfast complete with flowers and a fun Spring book, such as In My Flower, Bugs! Bugs! Bugs!, or Splat the Cat Oopsie-Daisy, available at Stork Landing!


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